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Silver Club


The Caribbean Shipping Association’s Silver Club brings together, in a formal setting, some of the most experienced individuals in the Region’s shipping industry. It was founded in October 1995 in Bridgetown Barbados on the 25th anniversary of the Caribbean Shipping Association.

Membership in the Silver Club is by application and signifies a voluntary commitment to serve the CSA in its development programmes and in its own development.

Members of the CSA become eligible for membership in the Silver Club after completing 25 years of service in shipping. 

The CSA is able to tap the wisdom harnessed by its Silver Club in problem solving; assessing industry situations; and, in planning development programmes.

The Silver Club meets in private in time set aside for collateral meetings just prior to each CSA conference and general meeting.

Click here to download the Silver Club's Membership Application.

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Mission Statement

"To promote and foster the highest quality service to the maritime industry through training development; working with all agencies, groups and More...


4 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 1050

Kingston C.S.O., Jamaica

Tel: (876)923-3491 Fax: (876)7571592

Email: csa@cwjamaica.com


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