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fernando rivera

Fernando Rivera

General Manager


Fernando Rivera is the General Manager of the Caribbean Shipping Association. 
A champion of marine progress; graduate from the University of Puerto Rico and a Puerto Rican national, Mr. Rivera is often written about in the local press, and has earned a sterling global reputation for his contributions to the growth and development of the Regional port and shipping industry.  He is Vice-president of Harbor Bunkering, Corporation, a company that has been providing fuel to vessels since 1980. With the philosophy of greater strength and success being achieved through unity, Mr. Rivera will continue to play a proactive role in the pursuit of regional integration for the caribbean port community.

Professional Career:

  • Started in 1971 as Sales Representative for Chevron Oil Latin America.
  • Became in 1976, Assistant Sales Manager for Chevron Oil Latin America.
  • Named Sales Manager for Chevron Oil Latin America in 1979.
  • Became Retail and Wholesale Manager for Caribbean Petroleum Corporation in 1981.
  • Started with Harbor Fuel Service, Inc. in 1989 as Assistant Sales Manager.
  • In 1991, became Sales Manager of Harbor Fuel Service, Inc.
  • Became Vice-President, of Harbor Fuel Service, Inc., now Harbor Bunkering Corporation in 1993
  • Named President of Puerto Rico Shipping Association in 1993 until 2002. The longest ever President of this Association.
  • Executive Director of Puerto Rico Shipping Association from October 2002 to October 2009.
  • Named member of the Caribbean Shipping Association General Council as Group A Representative in 2001.
  • Named Vicepresident of the Caribbean Shipping Association in 2003.
  • Named Commissioner of the Port of Mayaguez in 2004.
  • Named President of the Caribbean Shipping Association in 2006.

Boards & Affiliations

  • Vice-president of Harbor Bunkering Corporation, since 1993.
  • Member of Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member of Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association.
  • Chairman of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority/Puerto Rico Shipping Association Advisory Board

Mission Statement

"To promote and foster the highest quality service to the maritime industry through training development; working with all agencies, groups and More...


4 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 1050

Kingston C.S.O., Jamaica

Tel: (876)923-3491 Fax: (876)7571592



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