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PartnershipThe Caribbean Shipping Association is deeply concerned about the effects of the passage of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose during the 2017 hurricane season.  We have been seen the images of devastation reported in the media and the great need that has been created in our sister countries.

Our president, executive, secretariat and members wish to express heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the loss of life and property. We extend our condolences also to those who have suffered the trauma of complete devastation and the accompanying anguish which such devastation occasions. We send our prayers and best wishes to the affected countries, particularly to the shipping community, their families and their loved ones.

We are a resilient industry and at times like these we must come together to rebuild stronger than before. We pledge our continued support to these affected countries and will be investigating how best we can make such support more tangible over the weeks that follow when the full extent of the needs have been assessed and reported. We expect to announce the CSA's plan of action in response to this widespread loss in our community during our Annual General Meeting planned for October in Barbados. Until then, we are keenly following the progress of the situation and continue to keep our brother and sisters in our thoughts and considerations. 

Our very best wishes, 

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