The Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) promises another informative session as it invites its members to the Bougainvillea Conference Room at the Bay Garden Hotel and Inn in St. Lucia. Noted Researchers Drs. Fritz Pinnock and Ibrahim Ajagunna will share their knowledge with the attendees on the latest trends in Customs and the implementation of e-commerce systems among major legislation and changes that they've sparked in the Global Shipping Industry.CUSTOMS SEMINAR FLYER march 29. 2016 1

BlackSmokeTerminal Operators, Shipping Line representatives, freight forwarders, and other maritime industry interests will converge at Cocoa Beach, Florida to discuss a range of issues at the Caribbean Shipping Association’s Caribbean Shipping Executives’ Conference (CSEC) over its packed agenda spanning May 16 – 18, 2016.

Among the key areas of deliberation for this year’s event will be the integration, planning and response systems in maritime disaster management and the global outcry for cleaner, greener and safer practices along the waterways that carry 90% of global trade.

  • Bromma STS & RTG Spreader Training  - May 2016 - Caucedo - Dom Rep

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containerThe gap is closing on the July 2016 timeline for the implementation of new regulation under the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requiring shippers to certify the gross mass of containers prior to vessel loading. There have been many calls for a delay of the implementation date, but having been announced in 2014, the IMO’s position appears unmovable and, simply put, vessel operators who subscribe to SOLAS will have to comply. 

BUT, are the region’s ports and shipping industry players ready? AND, are you aware of the latest developments under this far-reaching regulation?


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